About the Collection

The origins of the Music, Art and Architecture Library at UBC can be traced back to the 1940s with the establishment of the “Fine Arts Room” in old Main Library. Building upon the vision of the Fine Arts  Room, our primary goal is to create and cultivate a strong and vital collection that supports the research needs of faculty and students in the School of Music, the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, the School of Community and Regional Planning and the School of Library, Archival & Information Studies.  In addition to these subject areas our collection contains mathematics, statistics, computer science and older humanities & social sciences materials.

Developing the Collection

Our Librarians are involved in selecting material for the collection. For information on the librarian responsible for collection development in specific subject area, visit the Subject Librarians’ page.
The collection is shaped by your research, teaching, and learning needs. If you would like to suggest an item for addition to our collection, please use this online form.